Details of Colloquium

The Centre for Diversity in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Bangalore hosted a colloquium – Diversity in Practice on 13th November, 2010 in Montfort College, Bangalore.


An emerging emphasis on multiculturalism and diversity in mental health, urges mental health professionals to balance universal principles with subjective influences. To this effect, practice and research is required to consider the unique psychological needs of people, as being influenced by their gender, differing abilities, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic differences and age. We recognize that there could be a similar emphasis on diversity, in other human professions such as medicine, education, law, social work, human resource development, etc.


The objective of the colloquium was to encourage an interdisciplinary dialogue across helping professions on issues of diversity. In that regard, the colloquium brought together professionals from mental health, research, medical practice, disability rehabilitation, to discuss how diversity issues affect their methods of practice or functioning. They shared their thoughts on how they meet the challenge of addressing the diversity needs of their respective client populations whilst working within stipulated universal standards.

The speakers for the colloquium were:

  1. Dr. Roy Moodley - Associate Professor, Counselling Psychology Program, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. He is the Director of CDCP Toronto University and his academic work focuses on Multicultural/Diversity issues in mental health.
  2. Dr. Shirdi Prasad - Paediatrician and practitioner of alternative medicine. His teaching and training work has primarily focused on working with numerous educational institutions and NGOs in the area of community health and alternative practices. He has also worked in disaster zones across the sub-continent.
  3. . Dr. Mumtaj Jamal – is social researcher focusing on child development. She has coordinated many research projects for various groups and her special interest lies in applied research, nutrition and health as well as socio-emotional development of children.
  4. Ms. Shobha Sundar – is the HOD of Medico-social work at Spastics Society of Karnataka. She is a Member of the advisory committee on assistive technology at Spastics Society. She works with parents of children with neuromuscular & developmental disabilities.

This colloquium was attended by a number of students of Sampurna Montfort College and professionals from different professional counselling organizations and institutions in Bangalore. The participants of the colloquium were issued certificates of participation.