Our Mission

The Centre for Diversity in Counselling and Psychotherapy is an interdisciplinary centre dedicated to research and development of multicultural and diversity issues in counselling and psychotherapy, focusing particularly on the stigmatized social identities of gender, race, sexual orientations, class, disabilities, religion, and age.

The key objectives of the centre are to:

  • Initiate academic and professional dialogue that addresses multiculturalism, diversity issues and culture relevant issues in mental health - locally and internationally. The interdisciplinary nature of the centre and the engagement of faculty collaboration promote a rich environment and a creative clinical niche within which graduate students can be nurtured.
  • Establish collaborative learning and practice centric engagement with community health, education, wellbeing, legal, human rights and mental health forums.
  • Promote research and scholarship in the area of multicultural counseling.

Company Overview: CDCP Bangalore, has been established in collaboration with CDCP - Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto. It stands as a unique group within Montfort College (Bangalore), to promote discussion, learning, collaboration and practice centric engagement in the area of diversity and multicultural counseling.